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Page Plus Wireless represents the best deal and opportunity in the prepaid wireless space.  Your prepaid wireless client can purchase unlimited Page Plus cellular service on the Verizon wireless platform for only $1.99 per day*... Less than $60 per month.  Here's how it works:  Purchase your Page Plus wireless prepaid phones from Phone Card Hotline with a 216 or 330 phone number and the phone is automatically upgraded to unlimited anytime calling for only $1.99 per day* as of the date of purchase.  Each phone is pre-loaded with a $10 Page Plus phone card, and an unlimited upgrade card is included with every phone.

Phone Card Hotline sells the green Page Plus wireless $10 phone cards, the red Page Plus wireless $25 phone cards, the grey Page Plus Wireless unlimited Nights and Weekend phone cards, and the black Page Plus wireless unlimited anytime phone cards.  Page Plus may increase the daily rate without notice.

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Page Plus Wireless - Page Plus Prepaid mobile
  • Recharge your Page Plus cell phone.
    Page Plus wireless available in following denominations:
  • $10 - 83 minutes - Loaded value $10
  • $25 - 300 minutes - Loaded value $27
    Page Plus cellular offers three serices:
  • Regular page plus (see above minutes)
  • Page Plus unlimited nights and weekends - Activation card required
  • Page Plus unlimited 24/7 only $1.99 per day deducted when you purchase page plus phones from Phone Card Hotline - One time 24/7 $20 activation card required
    Pageplus cellular page plus mobile - best selling prepaid wireless product in Ohio & midwest
  • 24-7 unlimited calling only $60 per month utilizing the Verizon network
    Available Refurbished Phones pre-loaded with 100 minutes - Page Plus packaging
  • Samsung A650 - $23
  • LG 3300 - $24
  • Camera Phone 5200 - $40
  • Camera Phone 670 - $37
  • Motorola 815 - $60
    Call to place your page plus order -440-457-7209 In Cleveland area the price for $10 cards is $8.50. or areas where price is controlled by master distributor... call for details.
  • All orders including Page Plus must be paid with money order or certified check. No returns on Page Plus.
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    For purchases of $50 or less, visit the following retail sites:
      Sells domestic and international phone cards directly to end user. Select from more than 100 calling cards.  Utilize the hello calling card customer popularity rating to select quality phone cards.

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