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How to Order Wholesale Prepaid Calling Cards Online for Maximum Discounts

Phone Card Hotline offers wholesale distributors more than 100 calling cards from a variety of card issuers. We work on a very small gross profit margin so you can make more money. You can mix and match for maximum discounts. If you have any problem placing an order using our online ordering system, please call us at 440-736-7029,  fax your order to 440-201-6340, or email your order to

To place an order online, please follow the intructions below
First time customers should print out this page for reference.

1.) Start by clicking on the Phone Card Hotline flag logo in the upper left hand corner of any page.

2.) There are several ways to find your best phone cards that you might want to purchase. If you do not see what I describe below, then simply click on the PhoneCardHotline flag logo in the upper left, then:

a.) Select the region that is of most interest from the menu that goes across the top of any page.  The menu is in blue and includes: Africa  - Asia - Central America - Europe - International - Mexico - Middle East - Philippines - USA. or

b.) Click on the "Select a Phone Card" button in the upper right hand corner of any page  or

c.) Click on the "Price List" button along the left side of the page, then click on the "BUY" button on the far right. or my favorite technique

d.) Click on the "Posters" button along the left side, then click on any phone card name, then click on the "ADD" button on that page or

e.) If you already know the name of the phone card you like, simply click on the "Select a Phone Card" in the upper right hand corner to see our drop down menu of all cards.  Next click on the name of the card you like, then click on "GO"

f.) If you know you like phone cards from a specific company such as ATI, then you can click on the company name midway down the home page to see a list of all cards issued by that company.  Then click on the "ADD" button.

3.) Select the Denomination by clicking on the down arrow next to the > $2.00 or next to the $5.00... then select the Denomination you wish to add to your shopping cart.

4.) Select the Quantity by inserting the Quantity in the Quantity box where it defaults to 1.

5.) Continue adding cards until you have what you like then click on Checkout.

6.) When you go to Check out you have two choices. 

a.) Existing customers simply enter your user name and password that you used when you first became a customer.  If you enter the wrong user name password combination, you will be prompted to enter your email address.  Your user name and password will be promptly sent out. If you do not receive an email, try each email address that you might have registered with.  If they all fail, then call us at 440-457-7209. We are here to help.

b.) New Customers click on the "Not an existing Customer link" and complete the Welcome Sign Up Form. Once you enter the required fields on the New Customer form, you go to the page where you select your payment method.

7.) Select a Payment Option:

a.) The default method of payment is "Check by Fax".  If you choose this method, you will need to Complete the Check by Fax form and Fax or email a copy of your check to us; or

b.) Select COD payment type.  With COD Fedex or UPS will collect a check at the time of delivery.  A $9.00 COD charge is included in your order when you pay by COD or

c.) Select payment by Credit Card.  There is a 3% surcharge when paying by credit card, because the credit company charges merchants 3%.  As a wholesale company we work on very small margins and can not absorb the credit card fees.

8.) Before finalizing your order, enter any instructions, requests or other information in the "Order Instructions" Box.

9.) Click Finalize

10.) If you are a new customer or have not previously done so, please click on the "New Customer Application Form.  We are a family business and it is important for us to know who we are dealing with.  For each customer, we need your full name, address, phone, email.  We need at least one personal or business reference.  We need the name and location of your business or your employment.  Finally, we need a credit card with the same address as your shipping address.  If you do not have a credit card, please let us know that you do not own a credit card.

Other Information:  Presently our system only allows us to identify each phone card as belonging to one region.  A card for Philippines might also be good for Jamaica for example.  It would therefore be listed under International.

When you select cards to add to your wholesale order form from the drop down menu the discounts are calculated based upon the size of your entire order. Each time you select a phone card, simply edit the quantity, and your new discount price will be automatically calculated and the the quantity discount will be increased as the aggregate total passes through our discount brackets, which are currently set at $500, $1000, $2000, and $5000. You can mix and match the cards. Once you have at least one card in your order form, then you can jump around and go back to various pages that will help you select additional phone cards for your order.

Be sure to include any appropriate comments on your order form in the comments field. Then if we have questions, or if you have special requests we will call you.

You can see a complete list of the cards we offer with the wholesale discount prices. You can also see a list of the cards which points to the respective phone card posters. We also have a list of phone cards by issuer.

Shipping cost is subsidized by phone card hotline, and is automatically calculated when you click "check out".  

For purchases of $50 or less, visit the following retail sites:
    Sells domestic and international phone cards directly to end user. Select from more than 100 calling cards.  Utilize the hello calling card customer popularity rating to select quality phone cards.

8934 Brecksville Rd - Suite 430, Brecksville, OH 44141

1-440-736-7029 | FAX: 440-201-6340

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