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Africa Gold phone card
Africa Gold
Good For Africa

Asian Gold phone card
Asian Gold
Good For Philippines

Digame phone card
Good For Middle East

Eastern Gold phone card
Eastern Gold
Good For Europe

El-Tri phone card

Europa phone card
Good For Europe

homies lola phone card
homies lola
Good For Mexico

Integrity phone card
Good For International

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Phone Card Hotline is the original wholesale phone card website offering famous national brand and regional phone cards to distributors and retail stores with mix and match master distributor pricing.

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Card Distributors and stores who sell phone cards each need a different mix of phone cards based upon the demographics of their customers.  Today there are are thousands of companies who issue phone cards, and 90% of them do not last more than a few months, but often have crazy minutes during the introductory period. Phone Card Hotline is a master distributor for many of the major phone card companies across the country.  We understand the distribution business.  Our customers need quality phone cards from reliable companies.  Our customers need to know that if a phone card stops selling that they can return all of the unscratched cards for a prompt credit toward the hot new phone cards.  Our customers need the best price, because distributor margins are so small in the phone card industry.  Most importantly, our customers need phone cards that sell like hot cakes.

Bob is always looking for new phone cards with more minutes to your country.  Every week we get new phone cards.  New phone cards always have more minutes because companies want to promote their new products. Increase your sales by getting the new phone cards in your stores while they are hot. Sign up here to get the new card announcements and new phone card posters.

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