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VoIP Carrier Termination Services

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PCH Telecom, offers the most competitive pricing on selected VoIP call termination routes. PCH are experts in orginating and termination of wholesale VoIP carrier traffic.

PCH uses VE4 Voip Escrow for payment transactions. If you are not familiar with VE4, we will help you set up your VoIP Escrow account and guide you through your first transaction. We always welcome new partners which would be interested in a long term Voip business relationship.
Buy Wholesale VoIP Termination for the following destinations:
Voip Carrier Termination Rates
Country Destination Rate ASR
Albania cell $0.143 55%
Barbados proper $0.110 50%
Barbados mobile $0.110 50%
Belgium mobile $0.170 50%
Botswana proper $0.116 60%
Croatia cell $0.135 60%
Georgia cell $0.105 64%
Jamaica cell $0.137 65%
Jordan cell $0.095 60%
Jordan proper $0.082 60%
Lithuania cell $0.118 50%
Nigeria proper $0.085 40%
Pakistan cell $0.089 47%
Poland cell $0.125 50%
Slovakia cell $0.137 54%
Spain cell $0.135 50%
Syria all $0.131 50%
Trinidad proper $0.057 70%
Ukraine Lviv $0.067 60%
Vietnam all $0.118 47%
Yugoslavia cell $0.141 33%
Zambia proper $0.075 66%
All VoIP Termination Rates are active as of 10/19/2019


How Are Transactions Handled?
All transaction are handled using our VE4 account through

How does work?
Either the Buyer or Seller can intiate the transaction within 10 minutes. During this process, the buyer or seller determines the country, city, prefix, billing increment, rate, and quantity. Once the seller submits the transaction, an Email will be sent to the buyer to ask whether the buyer agrees to those terms.

How is the buyer protected?
VoipEscrow only pays the seller when the buyer actually send minutes through. Accurate measurement of Billing Increment. Buyer will be able to view actual statistic on the route (ASR, PDD, Call Duration) Buyer can withdraw money from his escrow account if the seller does not perform or route nordstrom coupon code 20 off quality is bad. The Seller does not get pay until the minute are actually delivered. Full instant record is available to the buyer. VoipEscrow will notify buyer via email if balance reaches below a certain predetermined level. This level is determined by the buyer. VoipEscrow will notify buyer via email if ASR, PDD of the route reaches below a certain predetermined level.

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