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Africa Gold phone card
Africa Gold
Good For Africa

Asian Gold phone card
Asian Gold
Good For Philippines

Digame phone card
Good For Middle East

Eastern Gold phone card
Eastern Gold
Good For Europe

El-Tri phone card

Europa phone card
Good For Europe

homies lola phone card
homies lola
Good For Mexico

Integrity phone card
Good For International


Order Wholesale Prepaid Calling Cards Online
The original wholesale phone cards website of famous national brand and regional phone cards for distributors and retail stores with mix and match master distributor pricing.

To order call today: 440-736-7029

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Eastern Gold - For all Eastern Europe Latino Pearl - For Dominican Republic - Central America - South America Asian Gold - For Philippines - Cambodia - Laos - All Asia Integrity - No Fees Ever - Good World Wide Africano - PTI for calling Africa
Page Plus Wireless - Unlimited Anytime $44.95 per month Wonderful Africa - For all Africa Africa Latino Star - Mexico - Central America - Latin America Tigo Guatemala Mobile Top Up Europa for calling Balkan Countries - Bosnia - Albania - Serbia - Croatia - Macedonia Marhaba phone card Pro Asia Pro Africa Euro Star Pollo Filiz for Latin America Mi Casa Groove Original Gold Filcom Pinless World

Order online and get the best wholesale phone card prices.  Simply select your cards, and place your order. You can pay by COD check, paypal, credit card, or fax check. Prices are always disclosed as a percentage discount so you know you are getting the best price.

New phone cards often deliver more minutes than all other phone cards to target countries within the first few months after their release.

Integrity Phone Card has no fees and can be used for multiple calls and is good for international calls to all of Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America.

See complete A-Z rates including country rates, cell phone rates, and city breakouts for Eastern Gold, Latino Pearl, Asian Gold and Integrity.

Phone Card Hotline specializes in wholesale phones cards for Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America, the Middle East, and Asia.

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Asian Gold
  Eastern Gold Latino Pearl

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Top Selling Phone Cards
Be the first in your city to sell these cards! Local access numbers available!

Eastern Gold
rates | poster

Latino Pearl
rates | poster

Asian Gold
rates | poster
Famous National Brand Phone Cards
Click on an issuer to view our selection of calling cards.
Clifton Telecard Raza Telecom STI Prepaid
IDT - TIGO Page Plus Dollar Phone
PCH Protocol Millennium
PI Telecom Simple Network Other
Total Call SmartTalk Ajax Telecom
Order Wholesale Phone Cards Online -
Convenience Stores and Distributors can place wholesale prepaid calling card orders online and automatically get maximum discounts on popular phone cards, national brand and regional phone cards. We are the best source for discount phone cards if you own a store

Purchase any amount of mix and match different international prepaid phone cards wholesale and as your total order size increases your discount automatically increases. Payment by COD, Credit Card, or fax a check.

To reduce shipping costs, most customers use "Check by Fax". Fax by Check Form

We invite you to use our retail site to try out new calling cards. Need a phone card late at night?  Temporarily out of stock? Before ordering a large wholesale quantity of a new calling card, just buy one or two phone card PINs online at Hello Calling Cards using your credit card and test them yourself for the selected country.

Exclusive Territory for Phone Card Distributors
Phone Card Hotline in partnership with some of the best names in the phone card business has developed fast selling quality products with long shelf life just like our distributors want. When you become an exclusive phone card distributor for one of our phone cards, you can be assured that you will grow your route faster because our products are in demand and we protect your phone card territory. Phone Card Hotline's philosophy allows one and only one master distributor to sell product in any metropolitan area. This way we build long term relationships for mutual growth. click here for details
Private Label Phone Cards From A Trusted Phone Card Distributor
Phone Card Hotline, a highly trusted phone card wholesaler, has a number of established Private Label calling cards that sell very well. Latino Pearl is an excellent phone card for selected countries. Eastern Gold is one of the best selling phone cards for Eastern Europe. If you have a market for Ukraine, you need Eastern Gold. If you are a phone card distributor and want your own private label international phone card we can make it to your specifications.  Some distributors want cheap phone cards, other distributors want high quality phone cards even if the phone card discounts are less. Need phone card printing... we can do it. It has never been easier or cheaper to print as few as 10,000 phone cards. Just call us.
Phone Card Hotline: Much More Than a Phone Card Wholesaler
We are much more than a phone card distributor. Our goal is to support for calling card distributors and issuers needing printing, software network, and back office support and consulting, and other resources. We want to help you make your business more profitable. Phone Card Hotline has developed a phone card testing procedure and invite you to use it to test your calling cards . Give us the results and we will publish them. We have also developed a unique phone card Customer Popularity Rating system, that is based on the assumption that if the same customer comes back to buy the same phone card, over and over... it must be better than the phone card that each customer only buys one time. Using this Customer Popularity Rating to help you select phone cards to inventory, will help you sell more phone cards and have happier repeat customers.
Major National Phone Card Brands available all in one place
Place your wholesale order online and receive the maximum discounts on the nation's best selling prepaid phone cards. Last year four major phone card companies went out of business. When you buy from Phone Card Hotline, all of your purchases are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of invoice, even if the issuer goes out of business. You not only get the convenience of placing one order for all of your phone cards, but you save on shipping because you can combine your purchases from several brands. We offer huge phone card discounts on international phone cards including brands like Union Telecard Alliance (UTA, IDT), Clifton Telecard Alliance (CTA, ITG, International Telecom Group), Dollar Phone, Telecenters (TCI), STI Prepaid (STI), Blackstone, Transpac, Millenium (MTC), Total Call International (TCI), Raza (RZT), and others. We like to win your business.
Phone Card Hotline phone cards
All of our phone cards are designed for long shelf life. This means that once your customers try the product they will want to stay with it for years. This builds customer loyalty as they come to depend upon your products and service. We believe that the industry should avoid the phone cards that offer huge minutes today, only to cut back the minutes as soon as the phone card becomes popular with consumers.
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